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Alko Alüminyum
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Alko Aluminium

Alko Aluminium is proud to be a second-generation representative company that has inherited more than 50 years of industry experience and business culture from the family.

It has been serving with its dynamic staff since 2014, in line with its different perspective and current business principles.

Adopting the principle of using the family company perspective in every field of business ethics and establishing close relationships with its colleagues and customers, Alko Aluminium offers effective solutions to all your needs without a minimum order quantity.

It operates in the distributorship, technical and mechanical operations of Aluminium Sheets, Aluminium Coils, Aluminium Plates, Aluminium Composite Panels and Aluminium Profile products, with its expert and experienced staff in İmes Industrial Site.

In addition to its leading position in the domestic market, it has expanded the boundaries of its services by operating effectively in international markets and provides services to many countries regarding the sales and mechanical operations of Standard Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Strips, Aluminium Coils, Aluminium Plate, Aluminium Composite Panel, Aluminium Profile products.

Alko Aluminium is a member of TALSAD (Turkish Aluminum Industrialists Association).

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