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Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel is a composite building material formed by gluing a low-density polyethylene core between two pre-treated, painted aluminum sheets using an advanced technology method. Although composite panel is based on lightweight aluminum, it is a building material that combines metal strength, superior smoothness, vibration absorption, extreme durability and ease of maintenance.

Advantages of Composite Panel;

  • It provides freedom and flexibility in design.

  • Although it is lighter and thinner than other facade elements, it provides metal durability.

  • It has superior smoothness.

  • It offers rich color diversity and flexible design capability.

  • It is easy to transport.

  • It provides ease of maintenance and cleaning.

  • It covers damaged facade defects.

  • There is no rust or decay.

  • It is a reliable building material in terms of earthquakes. It does not impose additional load on the building.

  • It has no harmful effects on the environment and nature.

  • Raw materials have the possibility of recycling.

  • Assembly time is short.

  • It is economical with the advantages it provides in the long term.

Plate Thicknesses:

0.20mm+PE coated
0.30mm+HDPE coated
0.40mm+PVDF coated
0.47mm+PVDF coated

Warranty Periods:

PE coated (5 Years Warranty)
HDPE coated (15 Years
PVDF coated (25 Years


B2, B1 Fireproof, A2 Fireproof

Standard Dimensions:

Width – 1250mm and 1500mm
Length – up to 6000mm

Thicknesses (mm):

Standard 4mm
2mm to 10mm

Paint Types:



Standard catalog Ral colours, Wooden Patterns, Metallic colours, Mirror patterns and Special colours.

Usage Areas

Image by Brad Starkey
Image by Claudio Mezzasalma
Image by Nestor Pool
Image by Verne Ho
Image by Gavin Allanwood
Image by John McArthur


Screenshot 2023-12-23 17.33_edited.png

A2 | FR-B1

25 Yıl Garanti


A2 | FR-B1

25 Yıl Garanti

Untitled design - 2023-12-18T230904.394.png


15 Yıl Garanti


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